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The Group STCH is an essential transport and logistics partner. We will be there at anytime during this Covid-19 crisis to support our customer’s needs of transport and warehousing for companies described as essential. There’s actually 85% of our colleagues in that work from home, in order to reduce human contact in our offices.



No matter what you’re shipping, STCH has the transport solution you need.


Broken lots (LTL)


Full truckload (TL)


Specialized transport


Urgent transport

Ground transport is a direct and effective way to transport goods across North America. It’s very flexible and reduces handling time. Moreover, ground transport’s flexibility requires less handling time, which makes it more adaptable to real-world needs. Therefore, your products can be delivered directly to their destination address, without detours or waste of time. No matter what you’re shipping, STCH has the transport solution you need.

  • Broken lots (LTL): For small lots and packages
  • Full truckload (TL): Designed for larger shipments that make up a full truckload
  • Specialized transport: Ideal for heavy, refrigerated or non-standard loads
  • Urgent transport: To immediately ship parts, items or equipment

For the last 25 years, STCH has relied on the services of close to 4,000 different ground haulage contractors across North America. Doing business with our experts means choosing a solution that’s adapted to your needs. Whether it’s to plan transport for your products or avoid delays, you’ll be fully satisfied with our services. To get outstanding service that suits your needs perfectly, do business with STCH’s professionals.

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