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Choosing to outsource is often the solution you need to ensure your business’ success. By outsourcing your private fleet, you’ll get many benefits and reduce your organization’s risk of error. When you entrust your goods to STCH, you get top-notch service. We take care of all your needs by choosing the equipment and drivers to transport your shipment. Also, we guarantee you’ll get excellent customer service.

STCH establishes trust-based relationships with dedicated drivers that share the company’s values. These transport professionals then establish relationships with your customers and act as your company’s representative where they are concerned. It’s very important, then, to choose these representatives carefully. And that’s precisely what STCH does. With STCH as your service, you’ll have more control and greater latitude, especially when it comes to your urgent requests. By contacting us, you’ll have access to more options and solutions to meet your needs. Outsource your goods transport needs to us, so you can focus your efforts on developing your business. With over 20 years’ experience, STCH will make your job easier.

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