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STCH’s team of experts will take care of warehousing and fast loading your bulk goods and then distribute them to your plants. No matter what the features of your products are, our specially adapted equipment will help bring them safely to harbour. With our two silos and our separators and tanker truck refill pumps, you’re guaranteed top-notch service.

Why use STCH’s services to load and transfer your bulk products? Because it provides adapted solutions to meet your needs and helps you cut costs, so you can improve your processes. Moreover, we use a state-of-the-art system to assist us in managing your products efficiently. Therefore, we always know, among other things, where your goods are headed and the quantity of goods that have been shipped.

You can also entrust us with large quantities of products. If you want to make a smaller shipment, we’ll take care of it for you as well. Moreover, STCH understands the regulations regarding products to be shipped. You can rely on the great availability and flexibility of STCH’s experts.

For efficient bulk loading and transfer services, put your trust in STCH.

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