Your product shipped around the world by boat


Standard maritime container transport


Transport adapted to any type of goods


Broken lot transport (LCL)


Full container (FCL)


Ro-Ro service

Your products can be transported to all continents by ship. Maritime transport is a safe and cost-effective way to ship goods. No matter what type of products you need to transport by sea, you’ll get service that measures up to your expectations. STCH offers you:

  • Standard maritime transport of containers: A fast and practical basic service
  • Transport adapted to any type of goods: With the option to transport your products in specialized containers
  • Broken lot transport (LCL): Perfect to transport small lots and packages
  • Full container: Often, this is the most cost-effective transport option. In fact, the bigger the load, the less expensive it is to ship.
  • Ro-Ro service: Transport by vertical-loading ship is the perfect option for loads that require ramp access. The ideal option to transport cars and other heavy loads quickly.

To import or export your products, maritime transport is often the least costly and most attractive option. No matter what you need shipped, we’ll find the most efficient way to bring it safely to harbour.

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