A dedicated transport company

Claude Hamel founded Services en transport STCH in February 1993. Since then, the company, which specializes in transport logistics, has experienced rapid growth. Its strength lies in adapting to and anticipating the changes of a constantly evolving industry to offer its customers top-notch service. Groupe STCH’s speed and efficiency enable it to carry out more than 30,000 shipments per year.

Inspired by its passion for transport, Groupe STCH can meet your evolving needs:

  • Quotation analysis and suggested shipping solutions adapted to meet your needs
  • Storage in our large warehouse
  • Pick-up of your material
  • Distribution of goods
  • Transport to the location of your choice

STCH’s mission is to provide impeccable transport logistics service

Groupe STCH meets all its customers’ transport requests quickly and efficiently. The great strength of its customer service lies in the friendly, human approach of its employees. Thanks to their experience, they help STCH reach greater heights and provide the very best service. This asset, combined with its transactional and interactive website, allows STCH to offer its customers fast service of unmatched quality. One call is all that’s needed for customers to get answers to their questions. With its state-of-the-art single-window system and a strategic location in Châteauguay, Groupe STCH has all the tools it needs to continue adding even more new services.


Our strenghts is to offert an oustanding service to ours clients


Ship everywhere, at any time

STCH complete 300 000 shippings annually



  • Development of an ultra-modern, energy-efficient 27,500-sq.-ft. building on Boulevard Industriel in Châteauguay.

  • Addition of a 33,000 -sq.-ft. warehouse space.

  • Addition of a 10,000-sq.-ft., unheated warehouse space.

  • Development of a construction-ready, 120,000-sq.-ft lot with 40,000 sq. ft. of potential warehouse space.

  • 12,000-sq.-ft. extension built. We now have a 140,000-sq.-ft. warehouse to meet our customers’ needs.

    Development of a wooded park and hiking trail for our employees; each employee chose a tree to be planted. A plaque appears on every tree listing the employee’s name and hiring date.

A green transport logistics company

Your products pass through a “green warehouse” built according to Hydro-Québec’s strict standards. Our warehouse boasts many environmentally friendly features.


Geothermal heating


Radiant floors


High-performance lighting (347)


Computerized energy-saving system


Fully controlled temperatures


Electronic document management


Groupe STCH is proud to support race car driver Didier Schraenen, in collaboration with NRJ hits radio and Quebec Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge and Ram dealers.

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