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Transport logistics brings together all the activities used to manage the physical transport of your company’s goods. STCH’s job is to find the resources to perform all the tasks related to transporting your products. We’ll use all our resources to find the right solution to meet your needs. Your products will travel from point A to point B, without your having to deal with the transport logistics details.

After perfecting our skills for more than 25 years, we’ve fully optimized our logistics services. The trust we’ve built with ground haulage contractors bears witness to our excellent reputation. All our partners meet and comply with our highest quality criteria to guarantee the best service for our customers. Our dedicated experts coordinate all the services we provide to offer you the best service.

STCH is your ally. Thanks to our team’s efforts, we offer an efficient and human logistics service. We promise to deliver top-notch service to get your goods where they need to be fast, anywhere in the world, at a competitive price.

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